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Karate for Kids

Our Teaching Concept

The ATA Black Belt Academy system is based on a lifetime learning concept in addition to technical skills. At the ATA Black Belt Academy we realize that although the ability to defend oneself is important, there are many additional benefits to be gained from involving your child in a martial arts program. Our basic building blocks for this system are:

  • Courtesy

  • Respect

  • Confidence

  • Honesty

  • Perseverance

  • Self-Discipline

  • Self-Awareness

  • Self-Esteem

Life Skills

Self-Confidence - It doesn't come naturally for many children, but rather is developed over a period of time. As a child accomplishes new goals, his or her confidence level increases. Children become more self confident in Taekwondo because they progress individually at their own pace and are not judged against others.

Self-Defense - Children's self defense takes many forms. Taekwondo teaches children to think instead of panic in potentially serious situations as well as how to react to threats from other children.

Better Grades - Being a Karate Kid also means being a better student. All kids in the Karate for Kids program learn skills such as following directions, paying attention in class, and participating in class activities that help them to become better students.

Every Child Wins - In Taekwondo, every kid can be a winner instead of a bench sitter because Taekwondo allows children to reach for their own potential rather than directly competing against other kids.

Coordination - Taekwondo challenges the entire body, by developing coordination, balance, agility and poise, which are often neglected in many team sports available to children in this age group.

Fun - Taekwondo lessons are a dynamic and challenging approach to the martial arts for children who are athletic, energetic, awkward or shy, bold, nice, or maybe even a little wild once in a while... Taekwondo is probably for a kid just like yours.

New beginners are starting every week. All new students start slowly and progress at their own rate of speed. Most children should begin by attending at least two classes a week with each class lasting about 60 minutes, depending on age.

For you or your child to try a FREE introductory lesson, call us today at (920) 882-7887.

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